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T-Tapp Personal Training

Learn how to get the most out of your workout! 

If you are new to T-Tapp or are curious about how it works to heal your body from the inside-out, please check out my T-Tapp Workout page here! 

T-Tapp Webcam Classes

Anytime, anywhere! If you have a good wifi connection and a webcam, you can have the input of a T-Tapp Trainer! Whatever your goals and level of experience, I can work with you to achieve your wellness goals! Please see my listing on the T-Tapp Website for more information. Click HERE to view my listing! 

Private Local Classes in Sugar Grove, NC

I offer 1 on 1 private T-Tapp lessons in my home. Subject to availability, please contact me for more details: faithmountainwellness@gmail.com

T-Tapp Group Classes and Clinics

I offer once a quarter T-Tapp classes and clinics in different areas of NC, SC, and TN. If you have a request for a location, please let me know! Contact me for information on the T-Tapp group classes!  

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Margaret for personalized training packages suited to your needs. 


nutritional therapy

Offering personalized nutritional support for optimal health and vitality!

Wellness Check-Up Package

Includes: Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire & evaluation, webcam consultation, and email support.


Follow up sessions: $45/1 hour consult

The Athlete's Edge Package

Includes: Performance boosting recipes, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Comprehensive health evaluation, webcam consultation, email support.


Group Classes

I am available to teach classes for your office/corporate wellness program, friends and family, church, sports team, etc. Classes are informative and educational, whether the subject is general wellness, tips for better digestion, sleep, hormone balance, etc. Includes handouts and recipes too! Contact me for more information! ~Margaret


FAQ's about Nutritional Therapy

How Does Nutritional Therapy differ from other Nutrition coaches/wellness providers?

A NTP utilizes several avenues of personalized evaluation in order to identify nutrient deficiencies and support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Nutritional Therapy is a holistic, proactive and customized way to allow the body the tools that it needs for optimal health and vitality. This comes primarily from the utilization of nourishing foods.

In short, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner provides valuable health, wellness and lifestyle information to their clients as well as the use of comprehensive bio-feedback testing techniques to determine the underlying deficiencies and nutritional needs you, the client, may have. (note: not available for distance clients.)

We also work by balancing the Five Foundations to achieve health in the body- Digestion, Hydration, Blood Sugar Regulation, Fatty Acid Balance and Mineral Balance. 

(remember to read my Disclaimer for a description of what Nutritional Therapy does and does not provide)

What happens in a Nutritional Therapy Session?

  1. Questionnaire, Nutri-Q, and Food journal Before the consultation, you will receive a questionnaire and preliminary paperwork, including a three day food journal- all of which you should complete and return in advance of your session. 
  2. Initial consultation: The initial consultation will take approximately one and a half  to two hours. This can be done in-person or distance, via a streaming service like Skype, and will involve:
    1. discussing your diet and the health condition(s) you would like to focus on
    2. investigations into and explanations of the possible underlying causes of your health problems and the role nutrition has to play in them
    3. Lingual-Neural testing to determine any areas of weakness in the body.  (Note: only available if client is in-person) This will include the testing of any supplements necessary to help facilitate healing in the body. By testing supplements, you can know for sure what your body needs, and what it doesn't- no more wondering or guessing if your supplements are effective! 

    4. Finally, all the information we have acquired will be combined into a personalized nutritional program that fits your specific needs. Plenty of recipes, resources and other information such as websites and tips for success with your new protocol will be given.

  3. Follow up consultations: You may be recommended to come back for at least one follow up consultation. This depends on your current health, diet and requirements. Follow up consultations typically last about an hour.

What type of conditions do you treat?

Be it known that I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please read my disclaimer for more information.  For a thorough explanation on what exactly Nutritional Therapy is and how it can help you, click this link. Also note that if you have not signed my consent form and disclaimer, I am not your Nutritional Therapist. As such, all information on this site is for educational use only.

Oftentimes, when you work with, not against, the body through natural means-be it lifestyle and dietary changes, herbal support, or stress management- you will see improvements in the areas you may already exhibit bothersome symptoms, whether that be with your digestion, energy levels, hormonal balance, joints, skin, and more. 

Who can benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for everyone, young and old, for those who would like to work with their bodies in alleviating specific symptoms as well as those who would just like to improve their overall health and well being.  You might not realize just how much of an impact a few changes to your diet can make in your health, mood, and outlook on life!

Questions? Contact Margaret for more information or to attend a class.