Margaret with the Founder and Creator of the T-Tapp method, Teresa Tapp, August 2015

Margaret with the Founder and Creator of the T-Tapp method, Teresa Tapp, August 2015

What if I told you that there is a method of exercise that boasts this extensive list of benefits?

  • Pumps the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and boosting your immune system
  • Better muscle tone and density and defined muscles without any weights. Every T-Tapp exercise move works 5-7 muscles simultaneously, layer by layer, from the inside out.
  • Fabulous improvement in posture and the muscles around the spine- no more low back pain!
  • You gain better bone density due to this method, which cause the muscles to tighten and tug on the bones they are attached to, which aids in strengthening existing bones while also stimulating new bone growth.
  • Promotes better and more stable blood sugar levels. Doing a single set of the move Hoe Downs has been proven to help the body drop blood glucose levels an average of 62 to 85 points within three minutes.
  • Improves and facilitates hormone balance via the removal of spent hormones.
  • Sculpts your body to promote lean, long muscles- “Muscles like Spanx!” as we like to say- and facilitates better spinal flexibility.
  • Not only is it low impact, it requires no equipment and very little time (Basic Plus takes a mere 15 minutes to complete, and you can do it in only 4 square feet of space!)
  • Get a toned stomach without doing a single crunch. T-Tapp works the lower abs, obliques, and transverse abs- all at once! You can even rehabilitate the "mommy tummy gap"- known as diastastis recti- without complicated exercises or surgery! 
Margaret training in Safety Harbor, Florida. August 2016 

Margaret training in Safety Harbor, Florida. August 2016 

Too good to be true? I thought so too.

I have done every exercise under the sun- you name it, and I probably did it: yoga, competitive swimming (for 10+ years!) pilates, weightlifting, crossfit style workouts, powerlifting, running, training for triathlons, hill sprints, plyometrics, etc. While I was "fit," I ended up inflamed, tired, and burnt out. Since then, I haven't found anything my body likes and responds better to than T-Tapp.

In the spring of 2013, my Mother started doing a method of exercise called T-Tapp. She described the method and I was intrigued, yet skeptical. No weights? No pushing your body to the brink? But after I read the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, I realized that the benefits of doing this style of workout were practically endless. Suddenly, this “Do- It- All” girl was finding herself getting incredible results from doing this efficient and highly effective workout. I am SO passionate about this method of movement that I certified as a T-Tapp Trainer in August of 2016. I'm thrilled that I can now share my passion for T-Tapp with others, whether that's through local classes, one on one training, or even a webcam training session!